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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a spiritual form of healing that sends the natural healing energy vibrations in the Universe to heal people, places, plants & animals.
Like alchemy, it transforms lower energy vibrations into higher energy vibrations through a guided healer.

Reiki is one of the many healing practices in which an attuned Reiki healer channelizes the Divine Energy of the Universe to bring balance & harmony in the world through the sacred energy healing techniques.

How do I know if Energy Healing works?

Energy healing is a spiritual healing that happens at a very subtle level in your “Koshas” or energy bodies.
If you calm your mind from doubts & dilemmas, then you can see, listen, and experience how Energy Healing works from within you.
If you observe others who receive Energy Healing from guided healers, you’ll notice a gradual change in them at different levels – body, mind, heart & soul.

Does Distance Healing Work? How?

Distance and time are but perceptions in our physical world.
Speaking energetically, they don’t exist.

In energy healing, our intentions are all that matters for the healing energy to work.
The healer and the receiver should have faith in each other and in the Divine Power of the Universe.

In the past, healers sent healing energy through meditations alone.
Today, we use meditations + video conferencing/Instant Messaging via Zoom, Skype & Watsapp to connect with you and send healing energy over distance.

Our Services

Heal Your Body

Healing Your Body

Your body is the temple of your soul. We help you bring your health in harmony with Mother Nature. Do you question why you fall ill or how to welcome good health into your life?

Heal Your Mind

Healing Your Mind

Your mind creates your reality. You need to make peace with your mind to manifest your dream life. Are you prepared to take up the challenge to live the life of your dreams?

Energy Healing for Heart

Heal Your Heart

Your Higher Heart can give & receive love unconditionally. Balance the strength & softness of your heart while you experience both peace & crisis in your life?

Healing Your Soul

Your soul is the silence beneath the chaos. Transcend the illusions! You can transform your life’s challenges into timeless wisdom. Why don’t you level up your life?

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